Miscellaneous Accident Insurance

Miscellaneous Accident Insurance: PICL Offers

Burglary & Housebreaking Insurance

This insurance covers any loss or damage caused by burglary or housebreaking upon an actual forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises by the person or persons committing such burglary or housebreaking.

Money Insurance:

(a) Cash in strong room vault/safe, Atm Booth, On the counter,

(b) Cash-in-Transit Insurance

This insurance provides coverage against loss of cash, currency notes, cheques, postal orders & money orders whilst in transit due to unforeseen sudden violent and visible circumstances.

Personal Accident Insurance

This is global insurance coverage. It covers death, temporary & permanent disablement, partial & total disablement caused by accidental violent and visible means

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

The insurer provides compensation under this insurance to the employer in respect of his employees sustaining an accidental injury or occupational disease arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Product Liability Insurance

This coverage is suitable mainly for the manufacturers of consumer goods. The insurer provides compensation to the insured for any third party liability arising out of or resulting from the use of the product supplied by the latter.

Public Liability Insurance

There are some circumstances where the interest of the third party is likely to be endangered by the insured while accomplishing his activities. In such cases, Provati Insurance Company provides compensation to the policyholder in respect of the third party bodily injury or property damage that the insured is legally liable to pay for.

Bank lockers/ Safe Deposit Box

This insurance coverage is the valuables contained in the safe deposit box (Bank Lockers) While it is in the vault area of the premises shown in the schedule against physical loss or damage/destruction to the valuables kept by the users of lockers.

Contractors’ All Risks Insurance

This is a comprehensive cover. The insurer indemnifies the policyholder for any unforeseen sudden and physical loss caused to the contract works, construction plant, equipment and machinery. This policy also covers third-party liability and advance loss of profit.

Contractors’ Plant & Machinery Insurance

This cover is particularly purported for the plant & machinery owned and used by the contractors.

Erection All Risks Insurance

This comprehensive policy is taken out mainly by those engaged in the erection of machinery, plant and steel structures. It covers material damage, third party liability as well as advance loss of profit.

Machinery Insurance

The insurer under this insurance indemnifies the insured for damage to the machinery arising out of any unforeseen sudden and physical loss such as defects in casting & material, faulty design, fault in erection, bad workmanship, lack of skill, carelessness, physical explosion and short circuit.

Deterioration of Stock Insurance

This insurance is intended for the stocks stored in cold storage. The indemnity is provided to the insured if any rise in temperature due to machinery breakdown causes deterioration or putrefaction of the stocks insured.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance

This insurance covers damage to the boiler or pressure vessel and liability to third party injury or property damage caused by explosion or collapse of the said boiler or pressure vessel.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

The insurer under this insurance indemnifies the claimant for any unforeseen sudden and physical loss caused to the electronic equipment insured. This insurance also covers external data media and the increased cost of working.