About Us

Provati Insurance Company Limited embarked upon its business operation in 1996. Its founder Chairman was Alhaj Moksud Ali, He was also the Chairman of Bhaiya Group of Industries comprising mainly such industries as Nabisco Biscuit & Bread Factory, Dhaka Match Factory, Sattar Match Factory, Hamidia Oil Mills & Pacific Consumer Goods.

Provati Insurance Company Limited is successfully & reputedly conducting its business network with 59 branches across the whole country. Consequently, employment facilities have been provided to scores of employees therein. In almost all its branches, insurance policies are being issued by computerized mechanisms.

Provati Insurance Company Limited is a ISO 9001:2015  certified company and it is the first non-life insurance company that received the ISO certificate in 2008. The Company went into IPO in 2009 and it was over-subscribed by manifold. The company is "AAA" rated and steered by experienced and efficient Management. The company is a member of Bangladesh Insurance Association, Bangladesh Insurance Forum, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Dutch-Bangla Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Provati Insurance Company Limited, in addition to its business activity, is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It extends its benevolent hand to the victims of natural disasters (such as Cyclones & Floods) and human disasters ( Such as Rana Plaza Collapse). The Company sponsors a lot of recreational & sports events such as comilla Cantonment Golf Tournament.