Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance: PICL Offers

Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

A fair number of allied perils (additional risks) can be insured against on an optional basis in conjunction with fire insurance on payment of additional premium. A few of these perils are set forth below:

  • (a) Cyclone
  • (b) Flood
  • (c) Earthquake
  • (d) Riot & Strike
  • (e) Malicious Act
  • (f) Riot Fire
  • (g) Explosion
  • (h) Electrical Hazards
  • (i) Landslide
  • (k) Impact (by road vehicles, horses or cattle)

Hotel Owner’s All Risks Insurance

This cover is particularly designed to meet the insurance needs of a hotel owner. The policy provides protection mainly against material damage due to fire and allied perils, business interruption following material damage, loss or damage to plate glass, boiler & machinery and business interruption following machinery breakdown.

Householder’s Comprehensive Insurance

This insurance is specially intended for homeowners. The coverage is available on building, jewellery, domestic appliance, plate glass, television set, pedal cycle, baggage, members of the family and domestic employees.