Company Profile

1. The Company was incorporated on 31st January 1996 and started its operation on 2nd April 1996. The Company was listed with DSE & CSE on 18th Jan 2010.Md. Momin Ali is the Chairman and Mr M. A. Salam is the Managing Director of the Company.

2. The paid up capital of the company is taka 29,70,25,040 (Twenty nine crore seventy lac twenty five thousand & forty) taka only. Total assets are worth Tk 98.99 Crore. Value per share is 16.78 and Earning per share is Tk. 1.79.

3. The Company has 55 Branches with 750 employees of different categories.

4. Provati Insurance is a AA+ rated company.

5. The Company is a member of:

  • a. Bangladesh Insurance Association
  • b. Bangladesh Insurance Forum
  • c. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • d. Dutch-Bangla Chamber of Commerce & Industry &
  • e. e-commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB)

6. The company is also certified ISO.9001: 2015 by UKAS London.

7. The vision of the Company may be summed up below:

  • a. To establish a strong economic security base in the field of commerce and industry of the country.
  • b. To become one of the best general insurance companies in every sense & every sphere whatsoever.
  • To win the support and satisfaction of the clientele by reaching out company services to their doorsteps.
  • d. To establish a standard of performance to be carried on from generation to generation.